Hindmarsh Island Landcare Group

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The goal of the Hindmarsh Island Landcare Group is to conserve and re-establish habitat on the island. By preserving existing remnant vegetation, and using local indigenous species to revegetate, we aim to restore the health and resilience of the local natural ecosystem.

HILG has almost 15 years experience and during that time have raised 389,000 plants of more than 80 species and planted on more than 80 private and public sites.


  • HI nursery has its own seed bank with almost all of our seed sourced from the island
  • Raise 40,000 + plants per year
  • Working bees on 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Strong volunteer support (15-20 at working bees, 1,500 hours per annum)
  • Offer sales and advice to local community and welcome outside orders

HILG Spring Newsletter 2014

HILG Winter Newsletter 2014

HILG newsletter summer 2013

HILG newsletter winter 2013